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Servicing your Septic System is of paramount importance to ensure it provides you with continuous, trouble free service for many years. At Clay Service Company, we understand this and try to educate our customers about the importance of regular servicing.

Pumping your septic tank prevents built-up solids from running over out of your septic tank into your drain field. When these solids enter your drain-field, they clog the soil and prevent the soil from treating and disposing of the wastewater. The State of Georgia recommends that septic tanks are pumped every three to five years.

Usually, once the solids enter the drain field, more expensive corrective action must be taken. One can view the pumping their septic tank as the same as changing the oil in their car. The car may run for years without changing the oil, but once the bearings burn up in the engine it is too late to correct without major work and expense.

If you are a long-term thinker,

Clay Service Company can provide several different types of preventative maintenance-service contracts for you that not only can increase your home's value should you decide to sell it, it can give you peace of mind should you stay in your home for many years.

"Doing Wastewater Right"

Serving Bartow, Catoosa, Chattooga, Cherokee, Cobb, Dade, Douglas, Floyd, Gordon, Haralson, Murray, Paulding, Polk, and Whitfield Counties

Clay Service Company provides a variety of services for all your on-site wastewater needs. From Septic Tank Pumping to Sewer Line Jetting, and even Camera Inspection, Give Clay Service Company a call today. 


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Other Services

Our nature of our work demands that we have certain equipment on-hand to ensure that we have what we need to complete each job. This equipment can also be used to meet your special needs outside of our normal services listed. If you have a specific need for a piece of equipment with an operator, maybe we can help.

Jetting Services: Clay Service Company has a high pressure sewer line jetter that can be used to clean your sewer or drain line of many common obstructions such as solid waste and roots.

Combine our high pressure jetter with our vacuum truck and you have a powerful excavation tool that can be used to remove soil from around objects where normal excavation equipment cannot be used due to space limitations or dangerous conditions existing in the excavation area.

Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection: Clay Service Company has a state of the art camera inspection tool that can be used to inspect your sewer and drain lines from the inside. The camera emits a radio frequency which allows us to find the exact location and depth of the camera head at any time. This tool provides us with a high quality video that can be saved and transferred to a flash drive or to a DVD for convenient playback on your computer or DVD player.

Utility Locator: Clay Service Company has a state of the art underground utility locator that allows us to locate any buried electrical line or metal pipe with extreme accuracy. We can also locate any non-metal utility line provided there is a tracer wire that runs along with the non-metal utility.

Trenching/Plowing/Boring: Clay Service Company owns a multi-tasking Case 460 machine. With its trenching attachment, it breezes through the toughest soil to cut a 5 inch wide trench up to 3.5 feet deep. Its vibratory plow is very handy at installing small lines with very little disturbance to your sod or grass. With its borer, we can easily install a pipe under your driveway or another surface structure without damage to the structure.

General Heavy Equipment: Clay Service Company owns several pieces of heavy equipment. These include a Bobcat T-250 tracked skid steer loader, two Case 580 Back-Hoes, one Case 950 Dozer, one Takeauchi tb135 medium size rubber-tracked mini-excavator, and one Takeauchi tb016 small size rubber-tracked mini-excavator. All of these pieces of equipment can be sent to your jobsite with an operator to perform specific tasks at a reasonable hourly rate.

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