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Doing Wastewater Right


For all of your design needs, Clay Service Company is your solution!

When your site or situation isn't cooperating with your needs for a sustainable, reliable, and properly operating sewerage system, call us.


We can meet with you at your site, discuss your particular needs, and work with you and your local health department to design a sewerage system that is affordable, responsible, and will satisfy your requirements. And the best thing is that most of the time, our consultation is at no cost or obligation to you. It's what we do!

If your situation requires that you have a sewerage system designed by a Professional Engineer, call Clay Service Company. We have working relationships with several Professional Engineers and we can be an efficient liaison between you and the engineer.

With our experience, our first-hand knowledge of various treatment and disposal systems, and our in-house design capabilities, we can provide a solution for you that can save you hundreds of dollars.  For all of your design needs, Clay Service Company is your solution!


Get in touch with Clay Service Company today for a free consultation and a no obligation estimate for your septic system design.

(706) 234-5983



"As a custom home-builder, I can trust Clay Service Company to take care of all of my project's Septic System needs. Not only this, I can rest easy knowing that they will take care of my customers after the sale by standing behind their work."

Thomas M. Cartersville, Georgia




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