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Doing Wastewater Right


We are your installation experts in Northwest Georgia.

Clay Service Company has the experience and resources to install any type and any size of septic tank system. Our promise is to provide you with the most cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable on-site sewerage system possible.


We work hard to maintain working, professional relationships with local health department officials and have established a trust with these that can only be achieved through years of proven results.

Through the 50 plus years of installation experience, we have seen first-hand the innovations that have been made in our industry for both treating and disposing of the wastewater generated in homes and business and strive to maintain ourselves at the forefront. We know what products live up to their claims and which ones do not.

Whether you require a simple conventional septic tank with the tried and true gravel drain-field or an advanced treatment system with drip emitter disposal or beyond, we are your installation experts in Northwest Georgia.


Get in touch with Clay Service Company today for a free consultation and a no obligation estimate for your septic system new installation.

(706) 234-5983



"We had never had a septic system before when we built our home. We were told by all of our friends that the type of system that we had to have was not a good system that caused continual problems. Tony came out and explained the system, answered all of our questions, and set our minds at ease.


Seven years later, we are very pleased with our drip system and the service that Clay Service Company has provided for us. We actually recommend this type of system to people now!"

Rory and Jen L. Ringgold, Georgia




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