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Doing Wastewater Right


For all of your repair needs, Clay Service Company is your solution!

Repairs are often done in less than optimal conditions and are usually performed in "emergency" situations. There are many reasons that one may need to have their septic system repaired but whatever your reason is, know that Clay Service Company can meet your need.

If your system is failing, most times a Septic Tank pumping will not solve the problem and additional corrective repairs are required. Because of their nature, repairs can often cause significant amounts of damage to your lawn and sometimes require the re-location of existing structures.

Clay Service Company will do our utmost to ensure that the minimal amount of damage will be done to your property while ensuring that the job is performed in a timely fashion limiting the discomfort to you and your property.


Get in touch with Clay Service Company today for a free consultation and a no obligation estimate for repairing your septic system.

(706) 234-5983



"We had a back-up in our house and I had another company pump my septic tank because they quoted me the cheapest price on the phone. When they left my house they charged me more than twice the price they had quoted me just to pump my tank and they told me that I needed to replace my field lines and quoted me over 4 thousand dollars to do this. I spoke with a co-worker who told me I needed to call Clay Service.

Clay Service Company came out and determined the problem was a simple fix of a pipe that connected my lines together. I haven't had another problem in 5 years!" Michael P. Dalton, Georgia




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